[Wine] Re: Best glide wrapper under wine

mr jingle wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 28 11:00:10 CDT 2012

@lahmbi5678: I tought about that too, unfortunately I've been unable to test most Glide games directly, given that Bootcamp supports only Windows 7, and most of them are not working under 64bit.

@DanKegel: Winetricks installs Zackensak's wrapper, which gives quite a "dadaist" result (random camera position / wrong colours on palettized textures, wrong geometries, you name it) using Mac Os X and an ATI video card. No idea using Linux or Nvidia Card anymore, unfortunately I've dismissed my old linux & nvdia powered laptop.)

Excluding such small aesthetic issues, nGlide has given quite good results, tough. No idea about dgvoodoo, but it looks like it's the default choice by some games retooled by Good Old Games to run on modern systems ( P.O.D. , probably King Quest VIII and Interstate '76 too.)

Given the work already done to implement WineD3D and that voodoo cards have been extensively documented and emulated by recent versions of MESS/MAME, I wonder if it would be that problematic to implement Glide API directly as a WINE library. An exercise best left to some goodwilled reader  :)

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