[Wine] skyrim on steam

nashod wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 28 13:01:42 CDT 2012

ok so I'm running Arch Linux 64 bit and I installed wine, my wine is running on 32 bit mode,.
using winetricks I have the following installed:
vcrun 2008
d3dx10 (from skyrim)
dotnet 2
dotnet 2 sp 2
dotnet 3
flash 11
xinput (dunno why I installed I don't own a controller lol)

I have installed skyrim through steam and have 2 problems:

1)I have mouse problems with skyrim, it moves too much and even a slight move will cause the character to start spinning and the movment on the Y axis is a bit hard which basically renders the game unplaable (most important)

2) when launching skyrim it tries to  install vcrun 2010 doesn't shown any errors but doesn't show installation either and then continues to the launcher normally without problems (not that important)

any help is appreciated

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