[Wine] msvcp80.dll doesn't work

Doug dmcgarrett at optonline.net
Thu Mar 29 01:41:51 CDT 2012

Error file begins:

Unhandled exception: unimplemented function 
msvcp80.dll.??0?$basic_ifstream at DU?$char_traits at D@std@@@std@@QAE at PAU_iobuf@@@Z 
called in 32-bit code (0x7b83aa52).

I downloaded a new copy of this and placed it in the /fakedlls dirctory, 
where it replaced what was there, but it still
doesn't work.  The site I d/l'd the file from gave the impression that 
there is a lot of trouble with this dll, even in Windows.

Trying to run Sonnet Lite  (Sonnet 13.55) but cannot due to this dll.



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