[Wine] link Explorer Shell extensions to Gnome thumbnailer

Fred2 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Mar 29 16:25:18 CDT 2012

Programs with special uncommon file formats (not jpg) often register a shell extension in Explorer that offers thumbnails for these files (since the files otherwise wouldn't have previews).

When I trigger in a Wine application (eg. SketchUp) the File Open dialog, I can see previews of the files (skp files) in the preview panel. This means the shell extension does work in Wine. The Shell extension only is not of much use, because outside of Wine it doesn't have an effect. Skp files have by default no thumbnail on Linux.

Would it be possible to integrate such shell extensions in a way that they can offer thumbnails system-wide (eg. register them as gnome-thumbnailer for the specific file type, if there isn't yet a thumbnailer available for such files)?

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