[Wine] serial communication

ron r wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Mar 30 14:10:33 CDT 2012

Hello.   I have tried wine with several open-source systems (Knoppix, PC-BSD, Ubuntu, Fedora), running a windows program that uses serial at 4800 baud to communicate with a measuring device.   I notice that wine behaves a little differently with each operating system I run it on, using the exact same hardware (just a different hard drive each time).   I also tried wine with 4 different computers, with the various operating systems.  

What I see is generally poor or no operation of the serial COM port.
With PC-BSD and Fedora I get no serial operation.   With Knoppix I see a slow operation on "fast" computers while older slower computers hang-up on the first attempts to communicate.   
Wine on Ubuntu runs the best, almost as good as the program runs on Windows.   But that happened when I installed wine using sudo (which I later learned is not recommended) AND copying the program's files directly into a sub-folder off the .wine folder.   When I installed wine in Ubuntu (a new installation of Ubuntu) not using sudo, and installed the program "normally" from the CD, that same program would not communicate at all.

There may be a lot of variables going on here, but I wonder if anyone has any thoughts about any of this.   Is there anything I could do in the wine configuration (or anywhere) to improve serial operation?

Thank you.

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