[Wine] Best practice for v1.4 Audio Stack

adamvietnam wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Mar 31 12:28:52 CDT 2012

Since installing versions of Wine with use the new audio stack we get small glitches in the directsound output from our application.

Its hard to pin down but seems to glitch for a few milliseconds when the disc gets used by ubuntu or similar.

I've checked that the directsound buffer isn't running dry and all the usual stuff and don't seem to be able to find a way of recreating it consistently - it just happens every 5-10 minutes.

Having read:


Both seem to suggest that DirectSound is past its sell-by-date for Windows 7 and because its running emulation mode these kind of glitches are possible.

Is my interpretation correct? 
Will we get glitch-free audio playback if we recode our app to use WASAPI / MMDEVAPI ? 

I notice Spotify plays perfectly under WINE.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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