[Wine] Connection problems with Steam games

Virtus wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue May 1 06:56:28 CDT 2012


I've been having problems trying to run Steam games. The Steam itself takes up a lot of resources even when idle, for some reason, but the games run rather smoothly - in menu that is. 

Most of the games I have on steam are multiplayer games, and as the topic title suggests, I can't ever get to play them due to problems on connection. When playing Men of War, the game freezes on connection screen (all players are ready, the game is fully loaded up, but then freezes) or on first frame of the battlefield.

When playing World of Battles, I connect to the server, select my army, but then all the buttons in main menu are grey, the fresh info about the game, which should show up in the main menu doesn't show up, again suggesting some sort of connection problem.

I've tried to install Warhammer II: Retribution, but "relic encountered error", and I could not even send back a bug report to them, again suggesting some sort of connection problem.

I have 1.3.28 version of wine, and am running it on Ubuntu 11.10.

I've tried running the game in pure wine, which had trouble running steam alone, then with winetricks providing all the Windows DLLs they could ever need and with PlayonLinux, but there's always been more or less the same problems. 

When my computer had Windows, it could ran Steam and all its games just fine (including Warhammer: Retribution and Men of War), without any problems, so it's unlikely the problem lies outside of Wine.

Is there any way I could fix my problems? I realise some more info might be necessary, but I have no idea how to obtain it.

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