[Wine] Hash results with Wine-installed programs

sparticus789 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 2 12:00:15 CDT 2012

I am doing a research project for a digital forensics assignment, revolving around using hashes to identify known files in commonly used software packages.  However one problem that I have is the inability to compare files from multiple instances of the same software.  It isn't exactly economical to purchase 50 different computers to see how the program changes across operating systems and hardware configurations.

I am looking for Wine users that are willing to hash each individual file in their Wine directory and send me a copy of the results.  I do not need any personal information, IP address, location, etc.  I am just looking for 3 things: file name (not the full path, just the individual file), SHA-1 hash, and the programs installed in that directory.  The purpose of this research is to see how/if Wine changes windows-based applications during installation and the effects on hashing.  I will be comparing the hashes provided to the original disk or download version and the installed Windows version of the software. 

If you are willing to assist, please send me a private message.  I can provide instructions on how to hash these files (if necessary) and an e-mail address to send the results.

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