[Wine] Been at it all day ... finally have to ask for help!

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Fri May 4 07:43:09 CDT 2012

On Fri, 2012-05-04 at 00:01 -0500, Bronloch wrote:
> Also found that disabling the GLSL registry key would probably fix the problem that I encountered with during the root use installed wine-1.5.2. But my regustry did not have a Direct3D folder at all so when I created one I wasn't really sure what to do as there was not a GLSL option to change.
> I would like to get Guild Wars1 running as I am in the GW2 beta and hope to run the new game in linux as well.
> Recap:
> Installed Fedora15
> Updated and installed wine via YUM
> Launched GW1 but with no text or sound at login screen
> Found no proper way to EDIT the registry as it didn't exist
> Created Direct3D and GLSL registry folders but no key to edit
> Uninstalled wine as root user for safety reasons
> Downloaded wine-1.5.2.tar.bz2 and extracted to winetemp directory
> Attempted to ./configure tar file and got 32-bit error
> Downloaded various GCC libs but can't get it to ./configure so I can then make
> Can launch wine in normal user acct but process terminates on its own
Point by point

- IMO Fedora 16 is a huge advance over F15. If like many of us, you
  don't like Gnome 3, do a custom install and install XFCE instead or in
  addition to Gnome 3. If you follow what I do, documented here:
  future upgrades will be a lot easier. 
  Note that F17 is just over the horizon.

- Installing Wine via yum is the way to go. You always do yum installs
  and upgrades as root or via sudo. However although you *install*
  Wine as root, you always *run* Wine as a normal user.

- Install GW1 via Wine, run as a normal user. If you can't access the
  optical drive, change its access permissions so you can access it.
  This has been discussed on the Wine users list. Search the archive for
  information on how to do it. Don't dumbly run Wine app installs as
  root because that will NOT do what you want.

- Edit the registry under Wine by using Wine's regedit tool

- Edit GLSL as above.

- You shouldn't need to compile Wine yourself: Fedora is generally
  no more that 2 development releases behind WineHQ.


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