[Wine] Bug NOT fixed in wine-1.5.3

winefan62 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 4 09:48:01 CDT 2012


just a note to alert you, bug #27157 is marked fixed but it's not, only OSSv4 users have sound with brink game, alsa and pulseaudio users don't have sound with this game, tested with vanilla wine-1.5.2 and wine-1.5.3. I test with both "dsound" and "OpenAL" mode for this game, with and without dsound.dll presence in the prefix.

I can't test with coreaudio (OSX users) but I assume then don't have sound either.

It may be wise to re-open this bug until a proper/working with all sound driver fix is found.

BTW, the game still crash with wine is Xaudio2_6.dll is present in the prefix.

And finally, to fix "no mouse" issue in-game, create a file "autoexec.cfg" in game repository and add this : 


seta m_rawInput "0"
seta in_XInputSmartConnect "1"



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