[Wine] 1.5.1 better than 1.5.3 ?!

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Sat May 5 11:08:46 CDT 2012

> New computer with 1.5.3 has trouble - I configurated anything correctly.
> nvidia - settings is thrown out by installation of ironhide. nvidia - graphics is now supported fine ... only wine is crashing here > too often and always at same position of loading game-levels ... it seems to be internal errors.
> - here is ubuntu 12.04

One thing that might be helpful, when you are posting to this list ->
is to run your application from a terminal, and post the errors.
Asserting (in a very vague way) that it seems to be 'internal errors'
~ is likely not helpful, nor useful to anyone who might be able to
help identify your problem.

wiki.wineHQ.org (the wiki pages) has excellent resources on how to
collect information. Have a look through. The FAQ is very useful and
covers a lot of stuff;


> how do I downgrade back to wine 1.5.1 on ubuntu ? there seems to be no wine-package with 1.5.1 for ubuntu ... how can I solve this ?

Well, with a bit of googling, it would sem 1.5.1 isn't packaged for
ubuntu because of a bug where wine app icons weren't showing up in the
Dash, as cited here; (scroll down to wine 1.5.1)


So you could use this version, just don't expect the icons to work
properly with Unity's dash (if you use unity).

You also have the option of compiling wine from source;


you can grab any version of wine (source code) that you like from here;


just scroll down the page to find the whatever version you are looking for.

so those are some options, anyway.


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