[Wine] GTA San Andreas camera and graphics problems

gg4rza wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 5 23:17:13 CDT 2012

Hey guys.
Several months ago I made a youtube video helping people run San Andreas on their mac by building their own wineskin wrapper for it.  The response is about 50/50, some have no problems at all, others have basically the same 3 problems.  I personally can't figure out these most common problems so I'm hoping you guys will be able to assist me.

1.  "I can't control the camera, as soon as I move the mouse the camera goes all over the place"
2.  "The graphics are all screwy looking, everything is awkwardly streched out everwhere."
3.  "The audio works but I can't see anything, just a black screen."

When I made the video, I didn't take into account that most mac users are probably using a macbook, this is where I'm guessing these problems are stemming from, probably having intergrated graphics cards and a trackpad are causing the camera and graphical problems they're having.  It's hard to tell because many people on youtube do not ever respond when you ask them to follow up with details.  

So I'm going to link the video and if you guys can help me out and give me suggestions or solutions I'd be very grateful, I'd like to help as many people out as possible in playing the game.  Thanks :)


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