[Wine] Ubuntu 12.04 64bit, Wine 1.5.3, OpenGL issue

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Sun May 6 09:02:56 CDT 2012

> My Intel i7 has a 64bitnative architecture. 64bit is officially supported in Ubuntu and Wine packages.
> I have used 64bit for 4 years now, and alla the main compatibility bugs have been fixed more than 3 years ago.
> 64bit is more efficient than 32 while encoding videos or rendering graphics, and supports more C and C++ optimizations, which improves the overall system speed and reactivity.
> So I see no reason why I should use a 32bit OS. I won't argue with anyone on that point.

And you would be correct to do so ;) Martin seems to be ignoring all
of the benefits of 64bit CPUs, and only considering the RAM side of

> In view of this its worth pointing out that, unless you have more than
> 4GB of RAM installed, there should be no need to run a 64 bit OS.

As a matter of FACT - Your above statement is incorrect. Using 64bit
has more implications than just being able to use 4+gig of ram. Sure,
64bit tends to use more memory, but using 64bit offers (significantly)
better performance being as you can directly use 64bit data structures
/ 64bit registers / address spaces.

I'd also like to point out that telling someone with some /lib32
issues, to install a 32bit OS is not a solution.


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