[Wine] wine not recognizing my graphics card

labatts wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 6 12:49:49 CDT 2012

I have several games installed, but only one of them (diablo 2) is working.  All of the others give me some error about not being able to find a graphics card that works.  All of the games have worked before, under a previous kubuntu release (am currently using 12.04).  

One of the game tips from winehq (i believe for nwn2) was to go into regedit and change the entries in hkey_current_user_/software/wine/directx.  However, this directory does not exist for me.  I do have direct x 9 installed via winetricks, so I have no idea why this is not showing up.  

I ended up installing the intel driver hoping that this was the issue, but I am getting the exact same results with the new driver.  

If it matters, my specs:
geforce gt 240 card
kubuntu 12.04
wine 1.4

Thanks for any help.

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