[Wine] New User.. Just general advice

libspero wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 9 04:54:52 CDT 2012

I know it can be quite irritating when new posters start a thread begging for help..  so I'll try not to be like that.

My first experience of WINE is that the interface is great for new users..  on Ubuntu the package installer and "right click on .exe" function is very intuitive and easy to use.   The installer/uninstaller again very intuitive for anyone recently migrating from other OSs.

I have tried to install two games since installing wine,  (Wolfenstein and an older game).  Wolfenstein crashed during installation with not much info given.  The older game (RTCW) which comes on two disks started installing ok but then crashed when I inserted the second disk.

So,  I'm kinda giving up a bit.   Is it worth me pushing on,  or as a newbie to this am I going to get bogged down requiring complex tweeks and mods..?

I appreciate that by trying to install games I'm probably throwing WINE in at the deep end..  I don't doubt that it works brilliantly with simple apps and programs etc.

I'd be interested what other users experiences have been..

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