[Wine] Re: winhttp 5.1

sportfreak2020 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 9 15:01:51 CDT 2012

i did .. it does not give any information about winhttp related errors .. i have that app running on my machine for years .. this app utilized third party code bits that can be plugged into the application .. so ever since i plugged this new thrid party code, i have been getting that alert .. just an alert, the app works fine full 100% .. without that, the app works too  .. 

i just wanted some insight from the devs about how to proceed from the get winhttp 5.1 package .. google did not return any executable packs that i could try to get the winhttp 5.1 .. 

I  have tried placing the winhttp5.dll in the sys32 directory and registering it as well .. still nothing ..

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