[Wine] Hi im new, With questions about helping an app

Nith wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu May 10 04:20:12 CDT 2012


New forum go'er and a Linux enthusiast. (should be noted that i am a novice-intermediate Linux user, but a++ cert for windows)

Looking for advice on how to "do my  part" in regards to an application i would like to use with Linux.

The Secret world is an upcoming game from Funcom which is currently under an NDA...however this will be lifted for this up coming weekend beta, which brings me to my questions:

1.Firstly i would like to know what is the details and requirements of submitting this for a new item in the appDatabase?

2.What tools and information should i use/acquire to capture all the information i can to help the community.

Thank you in advance,


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