[Wine] Although is a little thomas sabo it can't bring too gre

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Fri May 11 03:06:20 CDT 2012

The loiterers one Hua of front door outer circle view however, how this is hit of anti- pour a quilt of government to confiscate and seal.The front door outside drives an incoming car more and more, people see more and more carelessly and open first to come in two ambulances, that top of the doctors a jumped down a car to put to open-shelf in a side power, immediately those ascending of the workers a that are driven Thomas Sabo Necklaces (http://www.australiacharmclub.com/necklaces) out ambulance, seem should be accept a check-up, see the time that they get down from the car all wear his/her own arm in the Wu.
A car that immediately after and just hangs Japan to get legation license drove to come in and directly drove to transact before the building, from in drilled 34 individuals to in a hurry enter to transact building.Leading in a short while was again the first in the city, No.2 to expect to drive to come in in the reception, saw come is come big leadership.Had the jollification thomas sabo charms (http://www.australiacharmclub.com/) the loiterers that can see, round a view to flow out again.
The police has already pulled and had warnning line in front of the door and drive out to the loiterers the scope of guard line.Lyu Bo Xiang has already not sat to live after getting the first information that the check group sends back and discovers a great deal of thomas sabo chains (http://www.australiacharmclub.com/chains) bulky cargo mercury in the factory.Although Lyu Bo Xiang isn't the chemistry physics for learning what of profession, but he also knows that the mercury(mercury) is metal that the unique keeps liquid under the normal temperature status, once being bared to air in will evaporate, and mercury of adsorb sex very strong, will over a long period of time adsorb on the clothes and the wall, become continuously a source head of polluting the air.
Although is a little amount to inhale it can't bring too great harm to body, over a long period of time a great deal of inhalation, then will make mercury poisoned, until endanger life.Lyu Bo Xiang didn't hesitate and directly descended to reach to blockade the spot of order, ordered secretary to hang for city hospital and medical college to go to a telephone and order them to send an expert to take an examination equipments to rush through to leave for the spot right away.

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