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'Age still lightly didn't°yet the Li exert the square Xu nature of 100 Tais of world to know, person once the feeling root deeply grows, then it if attach the Ju of bone, wear the Mo of body, can hardly exterminate, and once from love to turn to hate, that was also whole life one a life time to can't forget, either.Hope complexion metal gray and cold hope toward own cloud of Luo in the sky was also profound embarrassed in the square Xu heart, 'how I what affairs can meet with, I control breath still and really isn't general well', helplessly give a deep sigh in the heart, at that moment and slowly openings way:"Uncle, you the heel affair in those early years of my parents, my parents tiffany co canada (http://www.tiffanyscanada.net/) has never brought up to me, I am from the classmate how can anyone know 12 of, however, it has been several years since I thought so, who is who didn't  seem to be of no account, those right and wrong, boon gratitude and grudge hatred whether lets they float with the breeze loose good ……"Hope cloud Luo in the sky that full Yun hate the look in the eyes of idea, in fact square Xu also clear, these past days gratitude and grudges far aren't his/her own 12 words for describing with a delicate touch and then can dissolve of, indeed as expected cloud Luo in the sky opened mouth.
"Good.The affair in"cloud Luo in the sky sneers at to interrupt a square advising of Xu solution, way, " is as irrelevant as you, you have no necessities to discard more what argument.The words that I below say just relate to you."Cloud Luo in the sky dies to deadly stare at a square tiffany jewellery canada (http://www.tiffanyscanada.net/) Xu, sink a track:"In those early years, your father robbed jade, I had no his skill, incapable is dint.But, today, I can't allow their son to rend away my daughter, either.
You and the business of small Nuo, I will never promise, you don't entertain any hope, either, don't even entwine small Nuo again, otherwise ……, hum."Cloud Luo in the sky is cold to hum a , don't aware of self of use last the tone of the threat.Pretty much bad impression cloud Luo in the sky's overbearing tone, square Xu Xuan the eyebrow is tiny wrinkly, light response way:"Uncle Yun, cast aside my parents doesn't talk with your affair, I want to invite you to notice for a while your wording, I learn the idea of violating openly that the elder sister doesn't have one silk ten cents to cloud Nuo tiffany sale (http://www.tiffanyscanada.net/) and talk more to not and up entwine.
"While speaking, square the star Mou of the Xu have no to be afraid of face last cloud Luo in the sky Be full to is the look  in the eyes of fury, while the cold idea containing among them let the latter whole body is of one Lin, but square Xu that slightly takes novella tone is also crest get cloud Luo spirit in sky is of one Zhi, fierce after breathing heavily several tones, not the Nu is anti- to smile, "like well, there is Dan color, so many in the last yearses, you are the first person who dares to talk so with me, like well, not Kui is square the good son of the minister, good, very good.

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