[Wine] Maple 15 + 16 Graphic error in context menu

whatbug wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 14 11:06:37 CDT 2012


So. I installed Maple 15 and afterwards 16 on wine 1.5.4. Everything is working fine and since 1.5.4 even 3DPlotting is working. There is just one bug which causes graphical errors in the Context menus.

What i do:
1. Start Maple
2. Test Context menus which on this point are working
3. Open a menu entry which opens a popup window (any of these)
4. check context menus again-> graphic bug

The Bug:
Instead of the menu entries i see other parts of the window repeating themself (wrong buffer?). When i click in there, the right entrie (which i don't see) opens. So the menu is working but its displaying wrong.

I think maple is a java program which provides its own jre.

When the bug occurs and i try the context menu in notepad, they're still fine.

Is there something i can do?

Thanks and regards

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