[Wine] Windows frame decoration

Dewdman42 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 14 22:23:09 CDT 2012

Hi all.  I am using vanilla wine 1.5.4 on OSX, with XQuartz for X11.  Does anyone know if its possible or how I can configure it so that when my app runs, the actual win32 window frame will display instead of the X11 looking one with the MacOS close and minimize buttons?  I want to see the actual windows frame, along with the icon, etc, just like it would display on a real windoz box.  Possible?

I have been using WineSkin in the past and I know he built a custom X11 server for that, but somehow wineskin displays the win32 frame decorations and vanilla wine does not.  I'm hoping this is configurable somehow.  Does anyone know?

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