[Wine] Pinball problems

Doug dmcgarrett at optonline.net
Wed May 16 01:30:54 CDT 2012

Installed Pinball in Wine 1.4-1pclos2012 a couple of months ago.  It 
used to go load fairly quick and full-screen with F4.  Now the sequence 
of events
is this:  Snap on the icon. Entire screen turns black.  About 30 seconds 
later, a small picture of the pinball machine shows in the middle of the 
It could be played--the various things work--if you could see it! OR: 
Snap on the icon. A small window of the pinball machine shows up in the 
top left
corner.  Push F4 and the screen turns black and a small version of the 
machine goes to the center, as in the first instance.  I don't think 
I've done any video
modifications lately.  I snapped on icon settings, and I got a text file 
that I can't cut and paste, but I'll type it in:

[Desktop Entry]
WINEPREFIX="/home/doug/wine"wine C:
Path=/home/doug/.win/dosdevices/c:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Pinball 

One other thing--when Pinball worked, it worked fine, but on trying to 
exit, it was a little stubborn, and it moved a lot of icons around on my
KDE desktop.  It's a pita to have to move them back!  Now, I just hit 
ESC and Pinball is overand the screen returns to normal, and the icons
have not moved out of place. This is of course, a secondary problem.  I 
can't play Pinball on a 2"x4" pinball machine!

Any suggestions?


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