[Wine] trigger wine old chinese font

sportfreak2020 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 16 14:59:15 CDT 2012

My ubuntu box currently has wine 1.4 ... ubuntu 10.04 .. 32 bit ... minimal server install .. i had this program working perfectly with the chinese language on wine 1.2.3 .. but now in wine 1.4 its broken in some places .. the  info is as follows:

1. i was using simsun as the primary font in wine1.2 everything worked, and now with the same settings the tahoma related fonts are garbled on wine 1.4
2. I have tried various iterations of chinese fonts to get the tahoma text get fixed but nothing in vain .. 
3. tried looking up the change log, could not find anything related to tahoma ..

any input is greatly appreciated .. 
Thank you ..

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