[Wine] Call of Duty: MW3, Dying for Help

FancyPantsMan wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 18 16:40:40 CDT 2012

Hi there! I hope you guys at wine, the heart of running PC games on mac can help. Its a long story, but here it goes:

About a month ago, I was using a registered copy of Crossover Games to play all my favorite Steam games including MW3. The game would run great and I was very satisfied with the results... until recently. One day I fire up the game, and everything seems normal. I join a match and wait for the map to load. Immediately when I start playing, I notice a drop in fps than usual. Then the second I die, right when I see my player falling from the third person camera, the game freezes, and ultimately crashes.
I tried to play Singleplayer as well, but that wouldn't even start up!

I first tried verifying game cache in Steam (normal fix), but it didn't work. I reinstalled the game and still got the same problem. I've tryed all from reinstalling Steam, creating a new bottle in Crossover Games, reinstalling Crossover, and even reinstalling Mac OSX Lion. Nothing! 

I then started doing more research on "Wrappers" instead of crossover to run the game. I quickly learned how to use the program and its nature, and so I gave it a shot. So I first tried multiplayer and I would get some errors saying I need to install this or that, but I got it all in eventually. At first it didn't work, just like the Crossover Games. I tried making my own wapper, installing the game here, doing that there, and at points the game would run! But very rarely, and would often be broken again the next day. So I've been experimenting with the Wrappers and Crossover Games together for a week or two, while going on forums and trying to get answers from: Steam, Activision, Infinity Ward, SledgHammer Games, and sites that are specialized in porting.

Where am I right now? So I have a copy of the game on Crossover Games that will run perfectly until I get killed in the match and the game will crash. A few days ago I got it working in the wrapper very poorly, but it doesn't work any more. Single player I was ability to get to run in the Wrappers by getting a few different files of the porting communities, but its very laggy (I'm talking 10-15 fps) and it crashes very often. I am very frustrated that I have had to try to solve all these problems with out any good profesional advice other than "reinstall the game" or "verify the game cache on Steam". I would really just love any answers. 

So if you please have any time or a thought about the issue, please post a reply, it will mean a lot to me. Thanks for looking and I hope I can eventually get the game running back to normal.

Here are my specs:

MacBook (Unibody, late 2008 model)

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3
Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.0 GHz
2GB of Ram, 1067 MHz DDR3
NVIDIA, GeForce 9400M 256 MB

- FancyPantsMan

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