[Wine] File and Image uploader is not work to me (crash)

ziomecki wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 20 12:40:24 CDT 2012

I run File & Image Uploader on my ubuntu 11.10.
And this moment I have crash [Image: http://i.imgur.com/WgUV9.jpg ]

This is code from console:

> eyboard:X11DRV_LoadKeyboardLayout L"00000409", 0080: stub!
> fixme:systray:wine_notify_icon unhandled tray message: 4
> err:seh:setup_exception_record stack overflow 2536 bytes in thread 0009 eip 00405a9a esp 00230948 stack 0x230000-0x231000-0x330000

It is indifferent whether this program to run with wine 1.4 or 1.5 because the problem occurs on all versions.
I do not know how to deal with it.

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