[Wine] Re: Basic User Knowledge - Wine Install Failed

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 21 11:38:05 CDT 2012

buxtor wrote:
> I am a relatively Noob linux user running Kubuntu. I tried to install Wine and ran into various install issues(Noob) like not knowing the proper repository names to install first and may have installed Wine Tricks first and then Wine. The Wine install issued changes that would be made to other packages, as I assume it always does, and then gave failed to install error messages each time attempted.
> Afterward, some of my program icons, Amarok, Kontac and maybe more, didn't check them all as there are tons. I have reinstalled these packages and have use of them but other things are not working i.e. not recognizing install links for downloaded packages to be installed. 
> I have tried Muon, Ubuntu Software Manager and Synaptic to resolve by uninstalling Wine components but that didn't help.
> Am I missing knowledge for a simple fix to resolve these conflicts or system errors or are there, as I am afraid of, thousands of variables I am not providing information for a diagnosis?

Installing Wine should not affect native apps like Amarok or Kontact, and from what you've said, your attempt to install Wine didn't succeed in the first place. You need to ask for help on the Ubuntu forum; this appears to be a package manager issue that goes beyond Wine.

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