[Wine] Re: Wine and MSSQL 2008: SSL Security Error

Romulo Carlos wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 21 15:31:24 CDT 2012

Wow... A lot of time since last visit, don't?? Sorry.

Well, I was unable to proceed with this, but now I like to go ahead... So, the point is:

I have Ubuntu 12.04, Wine and FreeTDS 0.91. I have edited the freetds.conf, and I can get a 1> prompt when I use the command TDSVER=8.0 tsql -S 2k8 -U username

The '2k8' is my server definition in freetds.conf.

So, I'm connected with my server, right? And now, how I can configure ODBCAD32 to connect with the server?

Thanks a lot for your replies.

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