[Wine] Re: Watching a National Geographic cd in Ubuntu 12.04

JLeite wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 23 10:34:59 CDT 2012

I already managed to install vbrun60sp6.exe, but now in the first interaction with the video I get:

Unhandled exception: illegal instruction in 32-bit code (0x7d865099).
Register dump:
 CS:0073 SS:007b DS:007b ES:007b FS:0033 GS:003b
 EIP:7d865099 ESP:0133e904 EBP:7d8745e0 EFLAGS:00210206(  R- --  I   - -P- )
 EAX:00000000 EBX:7d873ff4 ECX:00000000 EDX:00000001
 ESI:7d8745e0 EDI:7d865070
Stack dump:
0x0133e904:  00000000 7d6feff4 7d6d54e5 00000000
0x0133e914:  00000010 00000077 7d6feff4 7d2004b8
0x0133e924:  7d865070 00000000 7d6d575a 7d200558
0x0133e934:  00000001 ffffffff 00000000 7d2004b8
0x0133e944:  00000000 0000009c 7d67b7da 0133ea18
0x0133e954:  00000801 ffffffff ffffffff 00000023
=>0 0x7d865099 in winealsa (+0x15099) (0x7d8745e0)
Module	Address			Debug info	Name (118 modules)
PE	  350000-  372000	Deferred        fxtls532
PE	  380000-  38b000	Deferred        picn20
PE	  390000-  39b000	Deferred        atx32ole
PE	  400000-  539000	Deferred        cng_1
PE	  ec0000-  f24000	Deferred        atx32
PE	10000000-10040000	Deferred        fximg50g
PE	10200000-10255000	Deferred        msvcrt40
PE	11000000-110f3000	Deferred        bw6mp22r
PE	5f400000-5f4f2000	Deferred        mfc42
PE	5f800000-5f8e7000	Deferred        mfc40
PE	66000000-66152000	Deferred        msvbvm60
ELF	7b800000-7ba30000	Deferred        kernel32<elf>
  \-PE	7b810000-7ba30000	\               kernel32
ELF	7bc00000-7bcc3000	Deferred        ntdll<elf>
  \-PE	7bc10000-7bcc3000	\               ntdll
ELF	7bf00000-7bf04000	Deferred        <wine-loader>
ELF	7d10e000-7d200000	Deferred        libasound.so.2
ELF	7d3ea000-7d415000	Deferred        libvorbis.so.0
ELF	7d415000-7d58d000	Deferred        libvorbisenc.so.2
ELF	7d58d000-7d5db000	Deferred        libflac.so.8
ELF	7d5db000-7d64d000	Deferred        libsndfile.so.1
ELF	7d64d000-7d6b2000	Deferred        libpulsecommon-1.1.so
ELF	7d6b2000-7d700000	Deferred        libpulse.so.0
ELF	7d815000-7d81d000	Deferred        libogg.so.0
ELF	7d81d000-7d824000	Deferred        libasyncns.so.0
ELF	7d824000-7d82e000	Deferred        libwrap.so.0
ELF	7d848000-7d875000	Dwarf           winealsa<elf>
  \-PE	7d850000-7d875000	\               winealsa
ELF	7d875000-7d898000	Deferred        mmdevapi<elf>
  \-PE	7d880000-7d898000	\               mmdevapi
ELF	7d898000-7d8ac000	Deferred        olepro32<elf>
  \-PE	7d8a0000-7d8ac000	\               olepro32
ELF	7d8ac000-7d8b9000	Deferred        libnss_files.so.2
ELF	7d8b9000-7d8c5000	Deferred        libnss_nis.so.2
ELF	7d8c5000-7d8df000	Deferred        libnsl.so.1
ELF	7d8df000-7d8e8000	Deferred        libnss_compat.so.2
ELF	7d8e8000-7d8f1000	Deferred        librt.so.1
ELF	7d8f1000-7d8f6000	Deferred        libgpg-error.so.0
ELF	7d8f6000-7d90e000	Deferred        libresolv.so.2
ELF	7d90e000-7d912000	Deferred        libkeyutils.so.1
ELF	7d912000-7d95b000	Deferred        libdbus-1.so.3
ELF	7d95b000-7d96d000	Deferred        libp11-kit.so.0
ELF	7d96d000-7d9f2000	Deferred        libgcrypt.so.11
ELF	7d9f2000-7da04000	Deferred        libtasn1.so.3
ELF	7da04000-7da2c000	Deferred        libk5crypto.so.3
ELF	7da2c000-7dafb000	Deferred        libkrb5.so.3
ELF	7dafb000-7db0d000	Deferred        libavahi-client.so.3
ELF	7db0d000-7dbd1000	Deferred        libgnutls.so.26
ELF	7dbd1000-7dc0f000	Deferred        libgssapi_krb5.so.2
ELF	7dc0f000-7dc62000	Deferred        libcups.so.2
ELF	7dc68000-7dc70000	Deferred        libjson.so.0
ELF	7dc70000-7dc83000	Deferred        gnome-keyring-pkcs11.so
ELF	7dc83000-7dcb7000	Deferred        uxtheme<elf>
  \-PE	7dc90000-7dcb7000	\               uxtheme
ELF	7dcb7000-7ddb0000	Deferred        comctl32<elf>
  \-PE	7dcc0000-7ddb0000	\               comctl32
ELF	7ddb0000-7de1a000	Deferred        shlwapi<elf>
  \-PE	7ddc0000-7de1a000	\               shlwapi
ELF	7de1a000-7e02c000	Deferred        shell32<elf>
  \-PE	7de30000-7e02c000	\               shell32
ELF	7e02c000-7e10b000	Deferred        comdlg32<elf>
  \-PE	7e030000-7e10b000	\               comdlg32
ELF	7e10b000-7e199000	Deferred        msvcrt<elf>
  \-PE	7e120000-7e199000	\               msvcrt
ELF	7e199000-7e246000	Deferred        winmm<elf>
  \-PE	7e1a0000-7e246000	\               winmm
ELF	7e280000-7e289000	Deferred        libkrb5support.so.0
ELF	7e289000-7e297000	Deferred        libavahi-common.so.3
ELF	7e297000-7e2d2000	Deferred        winspool<elf>
  \-PE	7e2a0000-7e2d2000	\               winspool
ELF	7e2d2000-7e2fa000	Deferred        msacm32<elf>
  \-PE	7e2e0000-7e2fa000	\               msacm32
ELF	7e315000-7e31b000	Deferred        libxfixes.so.3
ELF	7e31b000-7e326000	Deferred        libxcursor.so.1
ELF	7e328000-7e32d000	Deferred        libcom_err.so.2
ELF	7e501000-7e52b000	Deferred        libexpat.so.1
ELF	7e52b000-7e55f000	Deferred        libfontconfig.so.1
ELF	7e55f000-7e56f000	Deferred        libxi.so.6
ELF	7e56f000-7e573000	Deferred        libxcomposite.so.1
ELF	7e573000-7e57c000	Deferred        libxrandr.so.2
ELF	7e57c000-7e586000	Deferred        libxrender.so.1
ELF	7e586000-7e58c000	Deferred        libxxf86vm.so.1
ELF	7e58c000-7e5ae000	Deferred        imm32<elf>
  \-PE	7e590000-7e5ae000	\               imm32
ELF	7e5ae000-7e5b5000	Deferred        libxdmcp.so.6
ELF	7e5b5000-7e5d6000	Deferred        libxcb.so.1
ELF	7e5d6000-7e5f0000	Deferred        libice.so.6
ELF	7e5f0000-7e724000	Deferred        libx11.so.6
ELF	7e724000-7e736000	Deferred        libxext.so.6
ELF	7e736000-7e7bf000	Deferred        winex11<elf>
  \-PE	7e740000-7e7bf000	\               winex11
ELF	7e7bf000-7e7d5000	Deferred        libz.so.1
ELF	7e7d5000-7e86f000	Deferred        libfreetype.so.6
ELF	7e890000-7e99f000	Deferred        oleaut32<elf>
  \-PE	7e8b0000-7e99f000	\               oleaut32
ELF	7e99f000-7ea15000	Deferred        rpcrt4<elf>
  \-PE	7e9b0000-7ea15000	\               rpcrt4
ELF	7ea15000-7eb1d000	Deferred        ole32<elf>
  \-PE	7ea30000-7eb1d000	\               ole32
ELF	7eb1d000-7eb7f000	Deferred        advapi32<elf>
  \-PE	7eb30000-7eb7f000	\               advapi32
ELF	7eb7f000-7ec3e000	Deferred        gdi32<elf>
  \-PE	7eb90000-7ec3e000	\               gdi32
ELF	7ec3e000-7ed7e000	Deferred        user32<elf>
  \-PE	7ec50000-7ed7e000	\               user32
ELF	7efb3000-7efdf000	Deferred        libm.so.6
ELF	7efdf000-7efe3000	Deferred        libxinerama.so.1
ELF	7efe3000-7efe7000	Deferred        libxau.so.6
ELF	7efe7000-7f000000	Deferred        version<elf>
  \-PE	7eff0000-7f000000	\               version
ELF	b73c3000-b73cc000	Deferred        libsm.so.6
ELF	b73cd000-b73d2000	Deferred        libdl.so.2
ELF	b73d2000-b7577000	Deferred        libc.so.6
ELF	b7578000-b7593000	Deferred        libpthread.so.0
ELF	b7593000-b7599000	Deferred        libuuid.so.1
ELF	b75b4000-b76f6000	Dwarf           libwine.so.1
ELF	b76f8000-b771a000	Deferred        ld-linux.so.2
ELF	b771a000-b771b000	Deferred        [vdso].so
process  tid      prio (all id:s are in hex)
00000008 CFNG.exe
	00000029    0
	00000026    0
	00000025    0
	00000009    0
0000000e services.exe
	00000020    0
	0000001f    0
	00000015    0
	00000010    0
	0000000f    0
00000012 winedevice.exe
	0000001d    0
	0000001a    0
	00000014    0
	00000013    0
0000001b plugplay.exe
	00000021    0
	0000001e    0
	0000001c    0
00000022 explorer.exe
	00000023    0
0000002c (D) Z:\home\jleite\Curso_de_Fotografia_National_Geographic\Cng_1.exe
	00000032    0
	00000031    0
	00000030   15 <==
	0000002f    0
	0000002e    0
	0000002d    0
System information:
    Wine build: wine-1.5.4
    Platform: i386
    Host system: Linux
    Host version: 3.2.0-24-generic-pae

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