[Wine] Re: Tips for proper Hebrew font rendering ?

bugged-user wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu May 24 18:01:05 CDT 2012

Thanks for your help. Solved ! (at least for some fonts)

No need to read further, but I'm posting this info in case someone else has similar issues.

The problem fixed itself after winetricks-ing ups10.dll.

> USP is an initialism for Unicode Scripts Processor. The main purpose of Uniscribe includes the following:
>     arranging input text from the input sequence to visual sequence.
>     substituting glyphs according to context (e.g. different forms of Arabic characters)
>     ordering displayed text based on text flow direction (e.g. LTR vs RTL, Horizontal vs Vertical)

The weird thing is that now it works even without the override. I even checked whether overriding differently, that is, overriding itself could have caused this and I simply can't reproduce the bug anymore. It seems that overridin this was the first thing I tried months ago, since I've seen it listed within winecfg, but now it works without. [Shocked] 

So maybe I overrided with an inexisting native ups10.dll because of those fonts that still don't work and thus messed things up even for those that did work, prior to finding out there are categories of issues ? I will have to purge WINE and start from scratch to pinpoint what went wrong, but probably.

Some fonts still refuse to work, independent on whether they are on Linux or in WINE. But those that do work have no trailing vowels missing anymore. The console output differs from what I had before the fix and I have a lot of these now instead:

fixme:font:freetype_GdiRealizationInfo (0x1d4a00, 0x32f8dc): stub!
fixme:font:freetype_GdiRealizationInfo (0x1c7958, 0x32f8dc): stub!
fixme:font:freetype_GdiRealizationInfo (0x125390, 0x32eddc): stub!
fixme:font:freetype_GdiRealizationInfo (0x125390, 0x32edec): stub!
fixme:font:freetype_GdiRealizationInfo (0x1dfdf0, 0x32f4d0): stub!
fixme:font:freetype_GdiRealizationInfo (0x1dfdf0, 0x32f57c): stub!
fixme:font:freetype_GdiRealizationInfo (0x219d10, 0x32f0dc): stub!

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