[Wine] Network Drive configuration doesn't 'stick'

pastim wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 25 14:18:08 CDT 2012

I am on Ubuntu 12.04, Wine 1.5.4.

In my drive configuration I have a network drive (an SMB connection to another system).  I set this to be of Type 'network drive' in the advanced section, in the hope that Wine will realise that the network connection doesn't always exist.

A few of my applications often need to look at files on this network drive.  None of my others do.

Every time I close the Wine configuration the Type is reset to 'Autodetect'.  Then if the network drive does not exist for some (perfectly valid) reason, no Wine applications will run, even those that never use it.  I therefore have to reconnect the network drive (which sometimes means booting that computer up).

If I could configure drives per application that would improve matters, but I can't.  I'm therefore stuck.  I have to map the network drive for just a few applications, and need to make sure it is up for them, but for rest of the time I don't need or want it, but I have to have it working if any Wine application is to run.

Any ideas?

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