[Wine] [ALSA] WINE and microphone -> does not work?!

Detructor wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 28 08:09:19 CDT 2012


so I wanted to make my microphone work in WINE but I can't get it to work as it seems.

For my system, I managed to set the correct card/device for microphone (verification: starting up audacity and without changing anything recording -> it records my voice through the microphone)

Now as soon as I startup WINE (be it by starting Steam or by opening winecfg) and then startup audacity I can't see the device responsible for recording anymore. 

But that's not enough: I can't even record my voice in wine (for example use VOIP in CS:S or any other game/program).

A few versions ago (before you guys revamped the perfectly fine audio tab) everything worked. 

Also when I start winecfg in console and open the Audio tab it constantly tries (and fails) to open PulseAudio?! That thing isn't even installed on this system.

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