[Wine] Re: Building a shared WoW64 setup from source

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 28 22:54:35 CDT 2012

Parisa Tatapudy wrote:
> If I understand correctly, I must remove wine-1.4 before installing wine-1.5.5 from source, which presumably includes removing (or moving) my current $HOME/.wine directory.

Not necessarily. http://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#head-5d2fd5010318b5facd3ebf67930d1259e67c465f

Note that even if you decide to uninstall the 1.4 package, that won't remove $HOME/.wine. 

> My version of gcc is 4.4.3, the lastest stable package for Ubuntu 10.04.  The page http://wiki.winehq.org/Wine64 seems to say that I will be unable to compile wine-1.5.5 with this version of gcc?  I would rather not install a currently unsupported version of gcc.

My interpretation of that page is that it will compile but not work properly.

> Running ./configure --help from /usr/local/wine-1.5.5, it says that the --with-wine64=DIR flag will "use the 64-bit Wine in DIR for a Wow64 build".  I don't understand what directory DIR is supposed to be.  Perhaps $HOME/.wine or something?  So, will the commands
> Code:
> rm -r $HOME/.wine
> mkdir $HOME/.wine
> cd /usr/local/wine-1.5.5
> ./configure --with-wine64=$HOME/.wine
> make
> sudo make install
> build the shared WoW64 setup that I want?

You are confusing the directory for install with the wineprefix. They are not the same thing. DIR in that command should be the directory where you have installed 64 bit Wine.

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