[Wine] Re: Wine causes Flash instabilities

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 30 18:04:37 CDT 2012

MaTi wrote:
> As it turns out - the problem isn't related to flash. I've just tried on HTML5-based video and the same problem appeared. Same if I tried playing music through one of native Linux media players.
> In other words - I can't have media playing in WINE and in native Lnux programs simultaneously.
> Running non-media related app in WINE, like notepad for example, does not cause any problems.

It's odd that playing music in Wine would trigger graphical problems. What are your system specs? Maybe your system just isn't up to the demands. Have you tried disabling desktop effects?

I can't reproduce your problem. I downloaded foobar2000, and can play it and Flash videos in native Firefox with no problem. I can even play Flash videos in Firefox in Wine and in native Firefox at the same time.

I notice you said you're using Wine 1.4; try upgrading to 1.5.5, as a lot of changes have been made since 1.4 that affect media playback. (1.5.5 is what I'm using.) If that doesn't fix it, post terminal output.

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