[Wine] A cool script that checks for, and can download, the latest version of wine

Seth Jenkins starwarsfreak000 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 19:30:36 CDT 2012

I have created a script for use in the new LibraNext linux operating system
(I'm the co-developer) that when run, either outputs the newest wine
version publicized on the winehq home page, or downloads the source code
itself from the link included on the page. This is a really easy way to
check if your version of wine (source code) is up to date or not and also
an easy way to download the code. While this script is meant for use in the
LIbraNext operating system, I give my permission (as its creator) for
anyone to use this script as they so choose, as long as they do not sell it.

I thought you guys might be interested in seeing such a script if there is
not one already. :)

The script works by downloading the homepage and using grep and head to
find the newest wine version. It then gets the link from the html and will
download the newest version of wine as a tar.bz2 file. You can specify two
different options on the command line:
--version (outputs the newest wine version and exits without downloading
the code for it.)
-q (makes the program run as quietly as possible, wget still outputs data
when downloading the actual tar.bz2 file and obviously, using --version
will still output the version but otherwise, this makes the script silent.)

$ getwine -q --version
$ getwine -q
//lots of mumble-jumble from wget
$ ls

This is a pretty cool script and is very useful. Hope you guys find it

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