[Wine] wine louses up display_2nd reply from Doug

Doug dmcgarrett at optonline.net
Tue Sep 4 21:05:38 CDT 2012

On 09/04/2012 05:13 PM, Martin Gregorie wrote:
> On Tue, 2012-09-04 at 16:34 -0400, Doug wrote:
>> Running PCLOS, KDE desktop, everything latest version.
>> Under certain conditions--one I can 100% repeat is Wine (Microsoft)
>> Pinball--when I shut it down, by any means (escape key is straight-forward)
>> the desktop will come back up with the widgets scattered all over the
>> place, most of them moved towards the top left of the display.
>> This happens in spite of the fact that the widgets were locked beforehand.
>> I have been advised that wine (or at least Pinball) changes the screen
>> resolution, which is what louses up the display when the KDE desktop
>> comes back.
>> Looking for a solution that will automatically restore the screen to
>> what it was before activating Wine Pinball.
>> (I found a similar situation with DOSBox. Would like a solution for that
>> also.)
> Run the Wine app from a small (5 line) shell script:
> #!/bin/bash
> export WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine_prefix_name
> cd $WINEPREFIX/path_to/app?install_dir
> wine appname
> xrandr  --size "1280x800"
> This assumes that 1280x800 is your normal screen size - use
> "xrandr --current" to check that. You can point a launcher at the script
> if you want to run it by clicking an icon.
> This approach should work for DosBox as well, though I've never seen any
> problems like you describe from running it.
> Martin
Perhaps in answering the questions I raised in the first reply I sent, 
the following
may be of some use.  Right-clicking on the Pinball icon on the screen 
a box of Desktop Icon Settings, and under "Preview" is listed this, just 
as I show it:

[Desktop Entry]
WINEPREFIX="/home/doug/wine"wine C:
gram Files/Microsoft Games/Pinball

It is not possible to expand the screen horizontally to make the lines 
fall logically,
so I don't know where an end of line actually is, unless there is a 
space after it, or
a broken word makes it clear that this is NOT a line end.

Hope this helps. I'm afraid I am not familiar with the conventions used 
quadruple backslashes, etc.


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