[Wine] ubuntu wine and inkscape

janwillem jwevandijk at xs4all.nl
Sat Sep 22 13:12:54 CDT 2012

Absolutely new to Wine!
I want to call the Windows version of Inkscape from within a Python 
script. This because I need a svg to emf converter that always works 
(other things like libemf pyemf ps2edit regularly give problems with 
PowerPoint). Under Windows (VirtualBox) this works perfectly with 
"inkscape --export-emf=outfile.emf --file=infile.svg". Under Wine I get 
a host of:
fixme:enhmetafile:EMFDRV_FillPath Bounds
fixme:enhmetafile:EMFDRV_StrokeAndFillPath Bounds
fixme:enhmetafile:EMFDRV_StrokePath Bounds

The result is often ok but when there are e.g. dashed lines they become 

I have absolutely no idea were to begin looking for a solution, please 
help me getting somewhere.
Thanks, Janwillem
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