[Wine] Copying and pasting from Linux into Microsoft Works 4.5

Jeffrey Needle jeff.needle at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 02:03:44 CDT 2013

I use Microsoft Works 4.5 for all my office needs -- perfectly happy with
everything there, especially the database module.

I've found a problem I can't seem to fix.  When I receive a post in my
gmail account, I shade the text and copy it (ctrl-c), then switch to a
Works word processing document and paste it (ctrl-v), but nothing happens.
 I notice that the Paste option in Works' edit menu is grayed out,
indicating that Works, running under Wine, doesn't see anything in the

Is there some fix for this, something else I can try?

I'm using Wine 1.4, the latest version to install under Peppermint Linux.



Jeffrey Needle
jeff.needle at gmail.com
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