[Wine] installing a windows app

Fred fred at blakemfg.com
Wed Apr 17 16:25:08 CDT 2013


I had a similar problem recently on Debian.  I was told the cdrom needed 
to be mounted with execute permissions.

ls -l /media/cdrom0

Should tell you whether you can execute from it.

As root:
mount -o remount, exec /media/cdrom0

This worked for me (on Debian).


On 04/18/2013 05:35 PM, Doug wrote:
> On 04/18/2013 08:13 PM, John R. Sowden wrote:
>> I am trying to install Visual Foxpro 3.0 from a CD.  I understand 
>> that I cannot run it from the c: drive when the windows programs 
>> are.  Problem is that I cannot run setup.exe because it is not set as 
>> executable, and I cannot set the executable bit because the program 
>> is on a cdrom.
>> By the way, I am trying 3.0 instead of the 5.0 and up versions 
>> because I don't think linux was arround then vfp3 was, so ms propably 
>> didn't do anything to keep it from working.
>> In cause anyone need to know, I am funning ubuntu 12.10 and the 
>> latest wine version (1.58?)
>> Help?
> Maybe this will work:
> Copy the exe file and the program it sets up, both, to the 
> /Wine/c-drive directory. (Don't know if I have that exactly right.)
> Before you do that, make sure there are not already some setup files 
> in that directory, and if there are, delete them.
> Then run the setup.exe from the Wine c-drive. There should not be any 
> permissions problems then, but if there are,
> look at the files by the command line: ls -la file.exe, and if it is 
> not executable, do a chmod +x file.exe   I don't know
> why a Windows file should have a permissions bit set, but that should 
> fix it.
> Hope that helps--doug

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