[Wine] winecfg crashing

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 22:35:37 CDT 2013


> Unable to run winecfg after a big update of the Arch linux using pacman
> -Syu.

Wine64 is (currently) broken with gcc-4.8.0;

That being said, you have a few options.

a). use a 32bit wine prefix, instead of default 64bit  (look at wine
archwiki on how to do this)
b). compile wine with gcc -O1 optimization level (instead of -O2)
c). compile wine with gcc-4.7.x instead of gcc-4.8.0

I also emailed the Archlinux Wine package Maintainer, and let him know
about the breakage on x86_64 with -O2 optimization level. (I never
heard back from him).



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