[Wine] PLEASE add bug links!

Ken Sharp kennybobs at o2.co.uk
Sun Aug 18 05:07:24 CDT 2013

On 18/08/13 10:16, Francois Gouget wrote:
> On Fri, 16 Aug 2013, Ken Sharp wrote:
> [...]
>> It takes longer to create a bug report than it does to link it to the
>> database. It really isn't that hard.
> But adding a link requires going and logging into a separate web site.
> That's really not the part of the normal flow of entering a bug.

It is for me and everyone else who actually does it. It's nothing more 
than your choice not to. There's no normal flow to entering a bug.

I've already said that it takes seconds.

>> There's little point in my continually asking users to add bug links to the
>> AppDB if maintainers and/or administrators don't bother themselves.
> [...]
>> I've added hundreds over the past few weeks and this is not the first time I
>> have said it, nor am I the first one to do so.
>> It's even on the Wiki.
>> http://wiki.winehq.org/Bugs
> Who reads instructions on a separate Wiki page when entering bug
> reports? Just saying your expectations may be set a bit unrealistically
> high.

Really? We may as well delete all the Wiki pages then.


The triage team link to the Wiki with almost every response for more 

> We have some instructions on Bugzilla's bug submission page (currently
> 'Please do not PASTE logs and back traces'). It may make sense to add
> something for the bug links either there or on the page confirming the
> bug was enered. It would have a much better chance of being read there
> than on the Wiki.

Just add the link to the Wiki. We've already done that on the AppDB. The 
Wiki can be easily edited. Bugzilla cannot.


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