[Wine] My email account was hacked..

Eric Benedict madrivereric at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 12:07:45 CST 2013

My Yahoo email account was hacked this morning and the email from around 6:30am was sent not by me, but by someone from Bosnia.  

I hope that you didn't click on the link, but if you did, I recommend you take appropriate measures to clean your computer from any potential 
malware which might have been installed when you clicked on the link.

If you have a Windows machine, my company's IT department recommended using SpyBot Search and Destroy for cleaning your machine.

A link to their free download is here; however, you can also do your own web search to locate it as well.

Eric Benedict

 - If you get multiple copies of this message, I apologize.  The hackers
 sent multiple emails in small batches to many folks and spoofed my 
address so I only know about emails which bounced or if you responded to
 me.  I'm sending this message to every address in every non-delivery 
notification and so you may get multiple copies....
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