[Wine] WineHQ Web API?

Mikhail Krutov neko at takino.org
Tue Jan 22 04:40:03 CST 2013

Hi Wine users & developers!
First of all, thank you for the awesome work for the decades of Wine 
development. :)

I'm writing right now a little app to get my list of Steam games list, and 
determine which of them could be ran on Wine, and I have a little trouble 
with WineHQ web site.
The only way to get game page, as I see now, is to use google custom search, 
which is ugly and not universal. Is there any other way to get my app id, its
status, etc by its name? May be some web api not mentioned on wine wiki or 

Thank you for your answers,

P.s. when answering, please add me to Cc: or to To: field, because I'm not a 
subscriber of Wine-Users mailing list.
P.s.s If I'm inventing the wheel, please point me at any ready-to-use solutions.

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