[Wine] Joystick axis mapping issue (wine/linux)

Georg Bege therion at ninth-art.de
Mon Jul 29 09:24:03 CDT 2013

Good day to you wine users

I've following problem, I've a cheap joystick which is recognized
as DragonRise Inc. - however many of them are I guess.
It's some china stuff which is each time labeled different but almost
always the same device (or so I've heard).

Everything works great except the joystick is recognized as being 7 axis
one - I really dont know why it does this.
It has X/Y of course and an rudder + some buttons.
It's not 7 axis nor do I need 7 axis, I only need 2 in fact -
now the very specific issue, the 3rd Axis somehow is tied to the
0(X)-Axis - it changes if I change the X Axis.
And somehow it results in problem with an game I got running on wine and
want to play (X-Wing Alliance).

So what I really want to do is being the joystick recognized as 2 Axis
one OR override wine's behaviour with 2 Axis.

Any ideas?


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