[Wine] Fraud project in Google Code Hosting!

Tae Wong seotaewong40 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 02:51:31 CDT 2013

You found a project called wesnoth-contribcommunity which has all
members of the Wine project as the outdated AUTHORS file for the
version 1.10.5! You are using Wine on your Ubuntu virtual machine.
Michael Brauer (contributor of OpenOffice, rip-off artist named as
Michael Hardy) and João Mac-Cormick (Brazilian Portuguese translator
of PNotes) are also listed on the section as well!

And there are some name formatting errors, for example: Reshat Sabiq
instead of Reşat Sabiq.

You found a file in core (1.10.5) called about.cfg which size is 1.1
MB. When you click it, you get a message called “This file is too
large to display.”. In File info, the size is 0 bytes.

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