[Wine] parallel port support in wine

Fred fred at blakemfg.com
Thu Mar 28 02:39:25 CDT 2013


I would like to use a logic device programmer that uses the parallel 
port.  The application software runs well under wine (on Debian 6.0) but 
it reports it can't find the programmer.  I have a link to the parallel 
device: .wine/dosdevices/lpt1 -> /dev/lp0.

There is a console error message:
DbgPrint says: Entered WINDRVR.SYS Driver WinDriver V5.05b Jungo (c)2002 
Build Date: Aug  4 2002 X86 SYS.
DbgPrint says: WINDRVR.SYS DriverEntry.Cannot load minimum functions

Is there any hope of a solution?

Best regards,

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