[Wine] Many posts using acute accent for apostrophe

Justin Vallon justinvallon at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 07:51:22 CDT 2013

Tae Wong,

Please explain how "proper quotes in email" is an appropriate subject on 
this list, or else stop spamming.

On 11/1/13, 4:27 AM, Tae Wong wrote:
> You have been using Wine in a virtual machine.
> Many users try to use a grave accent or acute accent instead of an
> apostrophe with problematic keyboard driver semantics (`xxx´).
> You'll need to get the MASH program (by BellCraft Techologies) fix the
> bug with negative values running in East-Asian versions of Windows.
> Please get your Mozilla Bugzilla account (seotaewong40) enabled.

JustinVallon at gmail.com

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