[Wine] Spammer on the list

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Tue Sep 17 08:28:42 CDT 2013

Moderators: I've just received a piece of spam from JP at eukor.com which
was obviously scraped from this list. Characteristics:

- Its subject line was "Re: [Wine] Serial Port Issue", copied from the
  Wine users thread of the same name.

- the body was HTML only but contained little or no displayable text,
  just links to images hosted at eukor.com

- it was sent directly from the eukor.com domain and, judging by 
  the message-id, was sent via the company's main MTA pool.

- the Reply-to header was set to a eukor.com mailbox - but not the one
  used by the sender

This looks to me like a robot that's designed to spam mailing list users
and might be operated by the domain owner. Regardless please boot them
off the Wine users list.


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