[Wine] Running custom Delphi 5 based software under Wine

Matthias-Christian Ott ott at mirix.org
Sat Sep 28 16:55:00 CDT 2013

I'm thinking of “porting” an in-house legacy software to Wine. The
software is developed with Delphi 5 and relies on BDE with Firebird.
Because Delphi 5 and its respective libraries are proprietary I can't
check whether all APIs the software uses are implemented Wine and thus
need a better method to test the software for Wine compatibility,
because the software would have to run reliably under Wine. Has anyone
ported Delphi based software to Wine?

Automated system testing is the best method I could think, but requires
a lot of effort (Unit testing and integration testing are mostly
impossible, because the software is, expect for third-party and some
utility components, not modular and contains a lot of business logic in
methods of the user interface). Which user interface testing software
works reliably under Wine (I had a look at [1], but it seems outdated)?


[1] http://kegel.com/wine/testsw.html

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