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One thing about ReactOS.  It is not "clean" code and could possibly lead to
legal action. It is one thing to watch what  code does in a black box
situation. It's wholly different to replicate code.
No one wants to sponsor activities of the second type.
On Dec 7, 2014 7:49 PM, "Andrew Udvare" <audvare at gmail.com> wrote:

> > On 2014-12-07, at 14:57, jay at m5.chicago.il.us wrote:
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> >
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> >> If you want a stand alone Wine, you are looking at React OS,
> >> which is awful ....
> >>
> >
> > I have noticed that also.  Does anyone here know anything about the
> > ReactOS project?  Is it ever going to be a respectable free non-Unix
> > operating system, like Haiku or Plan 9?
> Yes. To answer your second question, I do not generally think so unless a
> company really wants to fund and do it. It has been a 100% voluntary effort
> from day 1 and has made a decent amount of progress. It borrows a good
> portion of Wine for its code but also does things Wine does not such as
> work with devices. ReactOS is pariah-like. People know it exists but almost
> nobody uses it.
> Their main problem is motivation. Who really wants to build a full clone
> of Windows (as opposed to do something more original)? There have been
> attempts in the past but none have come so far as ReactOS. I only defend
> the project (as with Wine) in the sense that someday these old applications
> may not run and we have an alternative to emulation. However, I do not
> think ReactOS or Wine will be the norm for running older applications over
> emulation unless it is fully supported (like how Wine has the commercial
> product).
> ReactOS had a good initial start. A Windows replacement when Windows went
> south with Vista was the thought. But that faded quickly. Key contributors
> left the project due to lack of interest, and it got stuck for at least a
> year, however the website was maintained seemingly. The project recently
> was part of a IndieGogo funding effort, but even that failed to meet its
> goal. There clearly is just not a lot of interest.
> https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/reactos-community-edition
> Would it be cool to have a viable Windows replacement? Maybe. Given that I
> only use Windows VMs to test IE it does not matter to me. It could maybe
> help people still using Windows 3.x/OS/2/95 move to something modern and
> supported (if those companies are not getting support from Microsoft), but
> still runs their old applications. However, I am pretty sure we do not want
> them on a Windows-like kernel/OS in general.
> I would not call ReactOS awful (in fact I respect the effort), but similar
> to telling some company their product does not work in Wine, it is rather
> exotic.
> Andrew
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