[Wine] Java on host and wineprefix questions

Raif S. Berent rsb at berentweb.com
Thu Feb 13 10:04:42 CST 2014

Is it possible to use java from host from within wine? The obvious
answer is no - must install the windows version. However, I am
wondering whether a symlink to the hos java folder (or similar trick)
would work, considering that jva is a VM. I mean, does java really
care what environment the request came from?

Second question is re WINEPREFIX, and whether such a setup is
possible: Let's assume I have dotnet40 and all dependents installed in
.wine-dotnet. Let's then try to install some dotnet dependent software
in a separate prefix so as not to contaminate our working dotnet pool.
Set the prefix as .wine-someapps and link the dotnet dependencies to
the first prefix, install as normal - any additions go into the second

Answer to both questions will probably be NO, but I'll ask anyway.


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